Blue Plaques Project

YHT is installing a system of commemorative Blue Plaques around Yangon to highlight significant historical buildings and renowned residents who contributed to the narrative of the city.
The plaques, in both Burmese and English, will draw attention to both the known and forgotten histories of the city, serving as a reminder for the city’s residents and providing interpretive signage for visitors. With their direct appeal to the public, the introduction of blue plaques will make Yangon’s rich history accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds.
The Royal Philips Corporation has partnered with YHT to honor key sites throughout Yangon by providing funding for historical research, manufacturing, and installation of the plaques. The first plaque was installed in mid-August, 2014 at City Hall. It was followed by three others.
 Here is the list of heritage sites that have already been installed blue plaques.
1st Blue Plaque (City Hall)
2nd Blue Plaque (AYA Bank)
3rd Blue Plaque (The Armenian Church)
4th Blue Plaque (Central Fire Station)
5th Blue Plaque (General Post Office)
6th Blue Plaque (Myanma Agricultural Development Bank)
7th Blue Plaque (Central Press)
8th Blue Plaque (Sofaer Building)
9th Blue Plaque (GTI Insein)
10th & 11th Blue Plaque (Maha Bandoola Park)
12th Blue Plaque (Merchant road building)
13th Blue Plaque (Indian Embassy)
14th Blue Plaque (Musmeah Yeshua Synagogue)
15th Blue Plaque (YWCA Building)
16th Blue Plaque (Bogyoke Aung San Market)
17th Blue Plaque (St. Paul’s High School)
18th Blue Plaque (Yangon Stock Exchange)
19th Blue Plaque (Yangon General Hospital)
20th Blue Plaque (Yangon Regional High Court)
21st Blue Plaque (BEHS 1, Dagon)
22nd Blue Plaque (Carnivora House, Yangon Zoological Gardens)
23rd Blue Plaque (B.E.H.S 2, Dagon)
24th Blue Plaque (B.E.H.S 1, Lanmadaw)
25th Blue Plaque (Bo Aung Kyaw Street)
26th Blue Plaque (B.E.H.S 1, Pazundaung)
27th Blue Plaque (The Strand Hotel)
28th Blue Plaque (Fomerly Graham’s Building)
29th Blue Plaque (Central Women’s Hospital)


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