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Advocacy and Public Engagement

Yangon’s history is being uncovered and rediscovered on every city block. A captivating oral heritage lingers within each building, often just a conversation away with a long-term resident. YHT is working to help record the many stories embedded in its heritage buildings as this research and educational outreach about Yangon’s history and heritage is crucial to secure a sense of the city’s and its residents’ journey for generations to come. In the compilation of these stories, YHT hopes to reconnect residents and locals with the buildings around them.
Final Blue PlaqueYHT is installing a series of commemorative Blue Plaques around Yangon to highlight historical buildings and renowned residents who contributed to the narrative of the city. The first plaque was installed in mid-August, 2014 at City Hall. The plaques will draw attention to both the known and forgotten histories of the city, serving as a reminder for the city’s residents and providing interpretive signage for visitors. With their direct appeal to the public, the introduction of blue plaques will make Yangon’s rich history accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. The Royal Philips Corporation has partnered with YHT to honor key sites throughout Yangon by providing funding for the historical research, manufacturing, and installation of the plaques. (Read more about Blue Plaque Project.)
With the assistance of the New Zealand government, Yangon Heritage Trust initiated a major project aiming to understand what Yangon residents value on their local environment through direct consultation this month. The program is led by YHT with the support of the YCDC to study what local residents’ opinion on the city that they call home. This study will provide one of the first opportunities for downtown communities to express how they feel about the streets and urban environments they live in. Polaroid cameras are provided for about a week to take pictures of things that residents value and things they dislike within their environment. The project is taken place in Latha, Pabedan and Botahtaung townships within downtown conservation area. The participants are about 50 residents age ranging from 7 to above 60.
Beato_Pagoda copy 2As part of our advocacy and public engagement program, YHT runs Heritage Walking Tours for both locals and international visitors. Our tours are all conducted by YHT’s highly trained tour guides and cover YHT’s unique routes, with anecdotes and insights into the history of both buildings and residents. All funds raised through the tours supports YHT’s continued advocacy efforts. More information about YHT’s Heritage Walking Tours is available here.
YHT’s Exhibitions are also part of our advocacy program. Click here to know what exhibition is currently being held in our lobby.


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