15th Blue Plaque (YWCA Building)


The prestigious and historic Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) building on Bogalay Zay Street (Brooking Street) received YHT’s 15th commemorative Blue Plaque on 28 October, 2016. The YWCA is the oldest women’s organization in Myanmar and has been serving people from all walks of life with various development projects/programs for women to become empowered and serves the communities as change makers.
Built in 1902, the building on Bogalay Zay Street served the Yangon YWCA after its official recognition in June 1900 as a branch of the Indian National Committee which in turns was affiliated with the World YWCA. In 1921, the United Engineers Ltd was commissioned to build an extension to the premises.
lrm_export_20161028_120658With its member around the country, the YWCA in Yangon held continuous activities such as Bible study, physical education, recreation, music, home arts, business training and employment services to empower women.


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